Thursday, June 17, 2010

Love #TheRangers or Die!

So, this morning I wake up and the first site i check is my YOUTUBE to find out that themPrangers are at it on youtube again. So, in the video when it starts off you see Langston, Julian, Day Day, and Spotlight. Walking down the street with they shirts off, showing massive tats. and guess what playing in the back? Panty Dropper by Trey Songs. Great intro guys these young cats are very intertaining, and multi-talented. At 0:28 - 0:29 you see Langston put his necklas in his mouth and is facial was priceless. And how Spotlight popped up at 1:27. You have to love this guys and they Jerk so fresh lmao. So, look out for more updates on the rangers, and subscribe to they channel. And swallow them on twitter folks.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

BeeBee singing when your mad!

Im back and BeeBee update, personally i luv BeeBee, HER SWAGG, FASHION SENSE. and I just watched her singing when your mad! That girl has mad skillz SHOUTOUT TO BEE BEE she's been doing her thing. I know yall have seen her in the Rangers Number 1 dime video with Langston. And the whole kiss thing. Haha so she can sing you better get that than. But, when theres fame you get haters. And apperently she already have some. Why go to someones youtube page and leave nasty comments like she cant sing, are that she wasted your time. Okay, im guessing that you had all the time in the world to click on the link and watch her sing. And hed time to leave a nasty comment. I hate to call people out because I support everyone. But, haters are seriously on some dumb sh*t leave the girl alone, so i'm guess you mad because she's probley prettier than you. Not on some homo stuff. Are you just mad because you watched the number 1 dime video like everybody else and got mad in jealous of the girl. Because she was with the ranger you like honestly yall are starting to get on my nerves. Instead of being a hater be a BeeBe supporter and follow her on are subscribe to her channel @

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Rangers Number 1 Dime Video

So Recently, I have watched the Rangers Number 1 dime video. And of course it was good, but while I was sitting at my computer I decided to read some of the comments. Trust me some of them where GOOD, and not so many of them where BAD. Talking about "Spotlight chick is REALLY DA*N fugly, Da*n!" and stuff like "SHET THAT UGLY BYTCH IS WITH MY JULIAN >:(" First and formost he's not your Julian he's probley dont even know who you are. Your a fan, you are supposed to support him and the Rangers, not get mad at the girl who plays his love interest, because she probley would'nt disrespect you so you should'nt disrespect her. None of those girls need to get disrespected you should be happy for them. Thats like a dream come true to the fullest. Once again some of those comments was not needed and how some of yall freaked out because they kissed the girls, be a ranger supporter not a ranger HATER.. And yall don't assume that Day Day is not still apart of the group because he was not in the video, he is he didnt have a verse in the darn song. Like there is one comment that I liked besides mine "Damn those girls are LUCKY!Loving the Power Ranger in the background ;) <3" that is a true fan right there. So mad shout to the person who wrote that. And if you havent checked out the rangers VIDEOS or SONGS. Make sure you go watch, are don't be late on BUYING Jerkin is a habit Vol. 1!