Thursday, June 17, 2010

Love #TheRangers or Die!

So, this morning I wake up and the first site i check is my YOUTUBE to find out that themPrangers are at it on youtube again. So, in the video when it starts off you see Langston, Julian, Day Day, and Spotlight. Walking down the street with they shirts off, showing massive tats. and guess what playing in the back? Panty Dropper by Trey Songs. Great intro guys these young cats are very intertaining, and multi-talented. At 0:28 - 0:29 you see Langston put his necklas in his mouth and is facial was priceless. And how Spotlight popped up at 1:27. You have to love this guys and they Jerk so fresh lmao. So, look out for more updates on the rangers, and subscribe to they channel. And swallow them on twitter folks.

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